QueensCast: Episode #98 - Telling Fortunes


The Orlando Pride ladies are on a streak, no one can deny. The numbers look clear and they don't lie. Luis is out and Jay is hosting with another. Stat Girl Sammy will tell it like no other. They look into their crystal ball to see who will end up on top. The women in purple loo like they can't be stopped. Goal scoring, the fans want more. So tune in and #LetsScore

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QueensCast: Episode #97 - Wrapping Up Out West


With two games in four days, the Orlando Pride have set up camp out west this week. Let’s saddle up! We’re following the trail of points straight to Portland, looking to lasso a few more, before blazing on home. Don’t stop to dosey-doe, grab your parter and #LETSSCORE

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QueensCast: Episode #96 — Orlando Pride to the Third Power


The week was magic for the Orlando Pride and the lucky number is 3! We're talking about 3 goals, 3 points, and 3 road games. Jay kicks it into high hear as the ladies head west and Luis takes us on a scenic tour around the league. Buckle up! It's time to ROLL OUT! #LETSSCORE

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