QueensCast: Episode 78 - Around The World And Back To End — How We Say Adieu to 2017

Let's spin the globe and find the Pride — where are our Ladies of Orlando ending up in the off season? With so much to do in the off season, it's hard to believe that our players are already making an impact in other leagues! Join Jay and Justice as they explore what's important to know, in youth soccer; UCF soccer and lotta-lotta-league play as we move into the holidays. #LETSSCORE


QueensCast: Episode 77 - News & Views to Use As We Fly Headlong Into the Offseason

The women's soccer world never stops! That said, Queenscast prepares to cover all the offseason action as we step inside the machine and span the globe. We'll follow WOSO from the locker room to the pitch and monitor all the moves made by the NWSL, World leagues and collegiate player preps as the draft looms on the horizon. Brake up — throttle down – the clock starts NOW!